Thursday, July 24, 2014

Strikes and Staches

Remember me saying that it has been more than a year since I have posted? That means youll have to go back with me on a few milestones from the past year!
We celebrated Caden's 10th birthday with a "Strikes and Staches" party at the bowling ally. If you know Caden, you know that he went through a "stache" phase! He even wore them at the beach and called himself, Mr. Stache! (you have to read here to see the full effect!) This was a pretty low key party for us, and Shane is trying to tell me that the bday party days are over since he is ten. I just love them so! I love any reason to celebrate and throw a party/event! We had family and a few friends join us and he had much fun!


Our Fam

Mawmaw Gale

With my big birthday boy!

Logan and Collins
I cant believe how tiny Collins was here!

TaTa with two of her babies

opening gifts with Sawyer

How's my stache?

He racked up on a good bit of Under Armour for his collection
Read about his previous birthday celebrations:
and I didn't blog before then,
but I need to somehow pull them up for memories!
Auburn- 6th
no big party for 5th
Pirates- 4th
Firetruck- 3rd
Elmo- 2nd
First- 1st
(ok I am sad now!)

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