Saturday, July 19, 2014

Blogging round 2

My name is Brittany. This is my second blog. I totally abandon the first one after not having time to keep up with it and feeling overwhelmed with catching up. This will pretty much the exact same type, a digital scrapbook of our family's "Best Days". I didn't even bother getting creative with a new name. I like it, and it seems to describe the purpose of the blog. Although, there are some "not so best days" thrown in there! I didn't want to continue from the previous blog, because it began in a completely different season of our lives and I would rather start new, aside from the name of course! I must say, you may be bored with some of our posts, they aren't so much meant to entertain you, or inspire you. However, if it happens, then that's a positive! When I was ready to begin a new blog, I knew I didn't want to get caught up in followers, or numbers. I only want to document our family adventures, because too many have passed by in the past year+ that have not been written down!

Now the above introduction doesn't make you scream, "Wow, that's a blog I want to read!" But I want to be real with my intentions and purpose. Now to introduce you to our fam, and a little about us.

The Family-


The Parrotts

Fun-loving, Followers of Christ, Adventurers, Compassionate


The Husband, The Dad, The Adored, The Supporter, The Kindest, The Most Lovable, The Best.
We have been married for a little more than 2 years. He makes me smile everyday. I have never once doubted his love for Caden or me. Everyone that meets him, can't help but love him without even knowing him well. He's just that kind of guy. I am so thankful for him!


The Daughter of the True King, The Wife, The Mama, The Encourager,
The Homemaker/ Homeschooler,
The Preteen Ministry Leader, The Mary Kay Consultant, The Friend


The Son, The Entertainer, The Lover of Karate, The Sweetest Boy,
My Sidekick, My First Love, The Homeschooled,
The Silliest, The Well- Mannered, The Only Child (for now!)
As you can tell, he is silly and loves to entertain! He just began karate in April and has fallen in love with it. I am excited that he has finally found something to push for and work toward. He really is a sweet boy with great manners that never go unnoticed by others. He and I have a special relationship that only single mothers may understand. We were a family of two for almost 8 years, when we were blessed with Shane.
Well that is the basics of us. Maybe you'll want to stick around for more, if not, that's ok too! If you'd like to catch up from past posts that were more than a year ago,

 You are welcome to folllow here
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