Thursday, July 24, 2014

Strikes and Staches

Remember me saying that it has been more than a year since I have posted? That means youll have to go back with me on a few milestones from the past year!
We celebrated Caden's 10th birthday with a "Strikes and Staches" party at the bowling ally. If you know Caden, you know that he went through a "stache" phase! He even wore them at the beach and called himself, Mr. Stache! (you have to read here to see the full effect!) This was a pretty low key party for us, and Shane is trying to tell me that the bday party days are over since he is ten. I just love them so! I love any reason to celebrate and throw a party/event! We had family and a few friends join us and he had much fun!


Our Fam

Mawmaw Gale

With my big birthday boy!

Logan and Collins
I cant believe how tiny Collins was here!

TaTa with two of her babies

opening gifts with Sawyer

How's my stache?

He racked up on a good bit of Under Armour for his collection
Read about his previous birthday celebrations:
and I didn't blog before then,
but I need to somehow pull them up for memories!
Auburn- 6th
no big party for 5th
Pirates- 4th
Firetruck- 3rd
Elmo- 2nd
First- 1st
(ok I am sad now!)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Finally a Hobby

After unsuccessfully trying 3 years of baseball, 2 years of soccer, a season of flag football, and making a ton of suggestions such as, tennis, swim team, golf, guitar lessons, etc, we finally have a hobby! When we moved to a new town two years ago, I decided to give it a rest and just began making the suggestions. I was careful not to overwhelm our family schedule. I didn't want to be involved in too much and be too busy. That could be another post, but basically, I wasn't going to make him to something if he didn't love it. However, it bothered me that he had nothing to be excited about, set a goal to work toward, or something to spend all of that energy on!

This spring, he began showing interest in karate class, so I pulled into the first place that I had seen in town to check on the schedule and fees. It just so happened to be a Tiger Rock and I am so glad that was the one we chose. I love the level of excellence that they hold their students to, plus the community they have in the organization. He has availability to classes every day of the week except on Sundays. For the same rate! 2 days a week or 6 days a week! He had to wait a bit before he started and he was counting down the days! April 15th, he loved his first class and couldn't wait for the next!

(most of my pics are from my phone!)

After the first class, I am telling you its been on his mind 24/7. I know now how the baseball fanatic moms feel, when their boys are always wanting to practice and play ball. He is always practicing his moves or talking about it,  literally always. If he is ever around another child, he shows them moves and he is so good with the smaller ones! He has gotten my girly girl niece, Palyn wanting to take karate rather than gymnastics, haha!

Palyn was watching one of his first classes

One of his favorite things to do is send my mom a picture after he earns a new strip!

Usually with a super excited, silly face like this!

We put off getting the uniform, excuse me, it's a "gi", until his first testing. We told him that he would have to wait a bit, but surprised him with it before his first awards ceremony. He was ecstatic!

He earned his yellow belt here, however, he will soon be testing for his green!

 He walks around like he is on cloud nine when he wears his gi or his belt. Cutest thing ever, but  it's truly non stop. We have to tell him that he can only wear it for testing or awards, he would seriously wear it out if not! When we were at Palyn's birthday party with a ton of people, we looked around for Caden. He was in the doorway of the house in his gi doing moves. I died! He also loves to turn on pumped up music to do moves to!

He also was able to attend a week long camp here from 9-5 everyday. He enjoyed that as well. When we heard about the "Tiger Rock World Tournament", were going to sit it out and go and just watch. Our instructor told us that he thinks we would regret not taking part in it, if we just watched. He also said that he thought Caden would do well. So we decided to take part in it since it was in Birmingham and would prepare him for future tournaments. I was more nervous than he was! But he was amazing!

Caden and his friend ready for the tournament!

By amazing, I mean, he placed Silver in forms and Gold in one steps!

We were all so excited!

He worked hard and stayed focused! I was so proud that he finally knew what a victory was! I am mostly excited that he has determination and a goal to work toward now!

Now that you know the back story and you're caught up, Ill update more as this journey grows!
Also, thank you to all of our facebook/instagram friends and family that sent him encouragement and congrats! We appreciate you!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Blogging round 2

My name is Brittany. This is my second blog. I totally abandon the first one after not having time to keep up with it and feeling overwhelmed with catching up. This will pretty much the exact same type, a digital scrapbook of our family's "Best Days". I didn't even bother getting creative with a new name. I like it, and it seems to describe the purpose of the blog. Although, there are some "not so best days" thrown in there! I didn't want to continue from the previous blog, because it began in a completely different season of our lives and I would rather start new, aside from the name of course! I must say, you may be bored with some of our posts, they aren't so much meant to entertain you, or inspire you. However, if it happens, then that's a positive! When I was ready to begin a new blog, I knew I didn't want to get caught up in followers, or numbers. I only want to document our family adventures, because too many have passed by in the past year+ that have not been written down!

Now the above introduction doesn't make you scream, "Wow, that's a blog I want to read!" But I want to be real with my intentions and purpose. Now to introduce you to our fam, and a little about us.

The Family-


The Parrotts

Fun-loving, Followers of Christ, Adventurers, Compassionate


The Husband, The Dad, The Adored, The Supporter, The Kindest, The Most Lovable, The Best.
We have been married for a little more than 2 years. He makes me smile everyday. I have never once doubted his love for Caden or me. Everyone that meets him, can't help but love him without even knowing him well. He's just that kind of guy. I am so thankful for him!


The Daughter of the True King, The Wife, The Mama, The Encourager,
The Homemaker/ Homeschooler,
The Preteen Ministry Leader, The Mary Kay Consultant, The Friend


The Son, The Entertainer, The Lover of Karate, The Sweetest Boy,
My Sidekick, My First Love, The Homeschooled,
The Silliest, The Well- Mannered, The Only Child (for now!)
As you can tell, he is silly and loves to entertain! He just began karate in April and has fallen in love with it. I am excited that he has finally found something to push for and work toward. He really is a sweet boy with great manners that never go unnoticed by others. He and I have a special relationship that only single mothers may understand. We were a family of two for almost 8 years, when we were blessed with Shane.
Well that is the basics of us. Maybe you'll want to stick around for more, if not, that's ok too! If you'd like to catch up from past posts that were more than a year ago,

 You are welcome to folllow here
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